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FRANCO KICKBOXING /PANKRATION is Canada's #1 MMA training destination !

Whether you're a first-timer with no athletic experience or an aspiring fighter with UFC dreams, Franco Kickboxing/Pankration (FKP) is the place for you! For over fifteen years, FKP founder Chris "Mjolnir" Franco has been both an elite-level, multi-discipline fighter, and one of North America's most accredited trainers for kickboxing and MMA. A co-founder of the first mixed martial arts school in Canadian history, Chris has played a vital role in the development of such athletes as Canadian MMA and Muay Thai champion Paul "The Mauler" Lazenby",Grappling/MMA sensation Dan "The Pink Ninja" Rizzuto and rising MMA star Dan "The Samurai" Lin . Boasting a top-tier staff of instructors that includes numerous champions of MMA, Muay Thai, Jiu-jitsu, Karate, Wrestling and Boxing, FKP has something for students of all levels and ages (be sure to ask about our extremely popular children's program). Housewives, young children, pro fighters, casual trainers...they all call FKP home, and so can you. Call now to schedule your FREE class and information session, and take that vital step on the road to improved health, enhanced fitness, and a sense of pride and accomplishment that you won't find anywhere else! FRANCO KICKBOXING/PANKRATION NO MAN OR MACHINE WILL TRAIN YOU BETTER!